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Why a global survey on the living conditions of rural women?

The Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) is inviting all women-focused NGOs and partner organisations to participate in and contribute to the Global Survey of the Living Conditions of Rural Women.  This survey was first undertaken by ACWW in 1935, and we feel now is a crucial time to revive this initiative.


We are celebrating the launch of the Global Survey in New York in March 2018, during the meetings of CSW62.  We are pleased to invite you to join us at this launch event, and to learn more about the Global Survey.


We know that the voices of rural women are the hardest to hear, and we want to change this.  The data from this survey will be published, presented at key international forums, reviewed and refreshed on a three-year cycle.


The forum and following survey will give a ground-breaking data pack on the conditions of rural women. Data will support funding bids (for ACWW members, other NGOs, and partners) and help set the agenda and influence policy on rural women for global bodies. It is linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the 3-yearly cycle will build data, identify changes over time, and identify the impacts of local initiatives, funding and social changes.


ACWW has a network of more than 9 million rural and non-rural women globally.  We are proud to be collaborating with WAITRO (the World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organisations) and will continue to build a global network of responses throughout 2018, especially as we move towards the International Day of Rural Women in October.


Forum on

Rural Women

The International Forum on Rural Women is a collaborative body for research convened by ACWW and WAITRO